Active Pants
Feelfree ActivePants

Feelfree ActivePants
Feature of Product:
  • 01Elastic band design fits to your waist. Soft and comfortable fit in every movement.
  • 02Extremely slim - 0.2 cm advance absorbent material with perfect cut to fit body shape.
  • 03Easy to dispose and keep clean.
  • 04No need to worry about escape of bad odor. Prevents germs with the new SAP feature.
Ultra soft
3D leak-proof
Breathable and dry

Feelfree ActivePants Applicable
For people who can walk, stand and sit with assistance.
  1. Keep away from high temperature.
  2. Do not reuse or wash incontinence disposable underwear.
  3. To avoid danger of suffocation, keep plastic bags away from children and pets.
  4. Suggest change incontinence disposable products immediately once fecal matter appears.
  5. Bladder and bowel incontinence problems maybe caused by conditions which can be treated medically. Please consult your physician for professional advice.
  • S-M:22”-35" / 10入 pcs
  • L~XL:32”-50” / 9 pcs
  • XXL:48”-64” / 8 pcs